John Wotton, Law Society President
Solicitors from Hell .com
Under Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights.
You have the right to freedom of speech or expression and to voice your complaint
20 February 2012
Mr John Wotton
Law Society President
The Law Society of England and Wales
113 Chancery Lane
London WC2A 1PL

Dear Mr Wotton

Concerning a complaint I have made against Mr Desmond Hudson

I acknowledge receipt of your letter dated 9 Feb '12 and note your comment "...and will not be entering into any further correspondence with you on this matter" that's your decision. Your failure to investigate my complaint correctly and follow your own procedures, Desmond Hudson's failure to give answers to my questions and concerns which, I believe would come under "failure to reply" along with "Incorrect action or failure to take any action", "Failure to follow procedures...", "Failure to investigate" and referring to the email Desmond Hudson sent to the Journalist "Misleading or inaccurate statements", makes Chancery Lane guilty of 'maladministration'.

The law in the United Kingdom says the Ombudsman must investigate 'maladministration'.
The definition of maladministration is wide and can include: -

" Delay
" Incorrect action or failure to take any action
" Failure to follow procedures or the law
" Failure to provide information
" Inadequate record-keeping
" Failure to investigate
" Failure to reply
" Misleading or inaccurate statements
" Inadequate liaison
" Inadequate consultation
" Broken promises
You are aware of my new website which came into being because of your failure to investigate my complaints against Desmond Hudson, giving me no alternative but to use the Internet just as Desmond Hudson and the Law Society used it to spread defamatory content, through a Journalist, all over the www pointing the finger at me, also, as Chancery Lane has now severed all communication with me, it is the only way left for me to make known my dissatisfaction to the Law Society and others interested in 'defunct' complaint procedures. I have had several people showing interest in the operation of the said website with a lot of ideas, at the moment it will probably take a 'Forum' base and a 'Traffic Light' type directory i.e. 'Red', 'Amber', and 'Green', I don't think that needs explaining.

You may consider doing a 'Rick Kordowski' on me (dragging me to the High Court). The first question a Judge would be expected to ask you is why you ignored your own rules so turning down the opportunity of a resolution having been reached in the first instance. I think at this point I would be entitled to ask for all costs awarded in my favour for your belligerence and compensation for your maladministration and the stress put upon me. I will be sending a complaint, along with this letter and all my recent correspondence with Chancery Lane, to Dame Julie Mellor, DBE, PHSO, just at least to show I went down every road possible, even if they all went nowhere in the end.

In January 2011 Desmond Hudson wrote to Christopher Graham, Information Commissioner, to 'drum-up' support against the 'Solicitors from Hell' website but if you read the IC's reply it states "...I am strongly of the view that is not the purpose of the DPA to regulate an individual's right to freedom of expression - even when the individual uses a third party website, rather than his own facilities" and goes on to say "There is a still a considerable lack of certainty concerning the extent to which website operators are legally responsible for the content they host...the instigators of the website content are generally private individuals expressing their own views". I get the impression, after reading the letter that Desmond Hudson went on a 'personal' vendetta drive, with your support, against all 'protest' websites.

Yours sincerely

B R Gray

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PSS This letter, as with all other correspondences, will be published on my websites.

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