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Thomas Boyd Whyte Solicitors , Bexleyheath, Kent DA6 8AB UK

John Connor
Thomas Boyd Whyte
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29 November 2011

Re: Solicitors from Hell Website

Dear Sir

I last wrote to you on 14 June after I had received two threatening letters from you i.e.
"We would very strongly recommend that you obtain independent legal advice in relation to the contents of this and earlier correspondence. In particular, we recommend that you instruct specialist litigation solicitors, the Law Society would be able to put you in touch with such a solicitor"

After five months you have failed to adequately explain your actions for your two threatening/intimidating letters and to give answers to the questions raised in my two letters of reply. I'm not sure just what your intentions are or what action I should be taking for as you undoubtedly know Rick Kordowski has been forced to take down his 'solicitorsfromhell' website and, by now, you must be clearly aware that my own website has no connection with him whatsoever, as I first tried to explain in my letter dated 6 June but you failed to understand.

In my letter dated 14 June last I stated;

"If you would like to write a 'review' of your thoughts concerning my website its rights and wrongs or whatever I will waive all rights to the Solicitors Confidential rule, allow you to use any document(s) from my file, of which I have added several which hopefully you would comment on and I will publish it in a prominent place on my website."
I'm somewhat surprised you do not appear to want to take up this offer. Also let me repeat what I said in both my letters of the 6th and the 14th June;
"...if however you believe I have made any "inaccurate" comments against Thos Boyd Whyte please point them out and I will consider your objection(s) and even publish them" also "As I have never had any "postings" on Mr Kordowski's website would you care to be more specific with your allegations!"
You have failed to give any answers, so how do you expect me to react or know what action to take?

Unless you give an adequate response I will, in the next three weeks, refer a complaint to Adam Sampson, Legal Ombudsman.

Yours sincerely

B R Gray

PS. You might remember in my letter dated 14 June under the PSS section I said I will publish some of the documents from my litigation that was handled by TBW, the first one that came to hand was dated 16 August 1999 (enclosed) which makes interesting reading and that is just one of the many 'gems' I have and I will be publishing. I have enclosed a copy of a letter written on behalf of Richard Hegarty in his capacity as Chair of the Law Society's Compliance Board when he instructed Willoughby & Partners to take action against me and who advised him his only course would be to threaten my Hosting Company and, as you know, TBW also threatened my Hosting company I have also enclosed the chronological episode of the time I was advised to apply for Legal Aid in a time wasting tactic by Irene long and the lies and document altering by TBW, this part covers from September '94 to July '96 also three years later when Gordon Luckhurst failed to turn-up to hear my complaints. Possibly you would like also to hand these documents to your solicitors that you will/have 'instructed'.

My thoughts;
Thos, Thomas or whatever Boyd Whyte must have been, if not, still are, the most pathetic, useless law firm in Kent if not the country.