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Law Society targets anti-solicitor
websites as it turns up heat

27 June 2014
Posted by Neil Rose

All Lives Matter but the law Society
doesn't see it that way

The Law Society is planning to use the Law Society’s ruling on the right to be forgotten on line to challenge anti-solicitor websites, Law Society can reveal.

According to papers seen by its membership committee last week, the society periodically takes and preserves screenshots, and logs and investigates all complaints from members about the sites, but none are generating the volume of complaints necessary to justify Law Society action...

However, the committee was told that the Law Society case “may provide a new legal basis for a representative complaint to Law Society about harmful websites, and if that does not succeed, to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO)”.

The Law Society/Legal Ombudsman are/were going to name all solicitors that had a complaint made against them (that's if anyone knows where to find it?) but not going to give details of what the complaint against them were.
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Ha ha… Just more of that 'Protection Racket' in action so us Idiots still don't know anything...
Comeback Rick…

"fair criticism" is "entirely valid" and that the need for clients to be able to give feedback is "extremely important".
Desmond Hudson, Law Society Chief Executive - 23 March 2011 09:49.