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"Read how the Americans have a laugh about the English Lawyers charging system"
If you believe that your solicitors 'overcharge' you for the work they do for you as a member of the public, then just consider what 'James Beauchamp solicitors' in Edgbaston, Birmingham charged the 80 year old mother of a solicitor they drove to suicide. Not Only that but take note of how the Office for the Supervision of Solicitors 'very generously' cut the solicitors invoice by 75% (make sure there is somewhere handy to be sick) "http://cartalk.cars.com/Mail/Letters/07-11-97/7.html" "Oh dear" 'Car Talk' have deleted that story, I wonder why?? Never mind, read the story anyway. Click Here ... (https://web.archive.org/ (11 Jul 2001))

What Direction "The Lawyer" Now? During the month of September 2003 the website of The Lawyer "www.thelawyer.com" and the Lawzone which was "www,lawzone.com" have 'BOLTED' their doors and are now, as it would appear, a 'Secret Society' probable because they don't like us 'Peasants' reading and repeating their 'secrets'. The Lawzone is now fully integrated as the 6th service of The Lawyer.com. This has all happened since I sent an e-mail to Helen Power (June 2003 which she ignored) the City Editor of The Lawyer. Coincidence? "www.thelawyer.com"

About the OSS
They were set up by the Law Society of England and Wales to deal with complaints about solicitors and to regulate their work. 'Self Appointed - Self Regulated - Self Protection - Self First'

They say: -
"We have standards and targets for our work."
· "If you make a complaint of poor service or professional misconduct (poor behaviour) to us, we will aim to deal with 60% of our investigations within three months, 75% within six months, 85% within 12 months, 97% within 18 months and the other 3% within 21 months".

I was advised by the OSS to make a complaint against Thos Boyd Whyte Solicitors but it still took the OSS over 18 months for them to respond and over 2 years before my case was allotted to a Caseworker, during that time instead of 'enforcing' the solicitors to 'comply' with the Client Care Agreement they conspired with the solicitors to bring about my sacking. It would finally take over 3 years after the OSS had 'shuffled' the cards so that the solicitors had not only all the Ace's but also the Kings and Queens as well before reaching a conclusion. They say they have "standards and targets" there are no prizes for guessing what they are. Chuckling Charlie Falconer, the Lord Chancellor described a culture in firms of "not trying to satisfy a complainant..." also of regarding a complainant as "someone who doesn't quite understand the process, and therefore must be wrong".

The guardian 'The Law Society' "drinking in the Last Chance Saloon". Will it mean a better standard from solicitors or a bigger 'cover-up' to hide how bad some (approx 1 in 5) solicitors are?

Be Warned wherever you are in the world be very wary of using the English Law Fraternity, if you do use any of them and things go 'pear shaped' you could find your troubles are just beginning. Don't just take my word for it, look at other web sites.

Parts of an article taken from the "Consumers' Association"
'The threat of a review of charges made me reluctant to go any further', said one. 'They tried to bully me with legal action for daring to complain', complained another. 'When I complained…at first I was pushed aside and threatened with withdrawal of their services,' said a third.

In many cases solicitors seemed to be paying little regard to their own professional rules of conduct

A strong feeling that the solicitors 'closed ranks'

The person who dealt with complaints was sometimes the solicitor they were complaining about and some people felt this meant they weren't getting an impartial response

Complainants got no response at all or that the complaint was rebuffed

It was the solicitor's word against theirs

A web site that might explain a lot of complainants problems: -
More news later.