Gordon Luckhurst, Senior Partner, Thomas Boyd Whyte Solicitors.

The original - Solicitors from Hell .com Est. 2003

Gordon Luckhurst, Senior Partner and Geoff Smith, Senior Litigation Officer, didn't show-up for two pre-arranged meetings allowing partner Margaret Dunton (according to a court document had left the firm two years previous) that I was complaining about to listen, at both times, to my complaints on her own, make the decisions which he (Gordon Luckhurst) agreed with, (ridiculous) which included several times my file had already been passed to him because of my complaints so now six years into the disastrous way my Litigation was/had being/been handled by Thomas Boyd Whyte (overseen by Gordon Luckhurst) which including they had had two case numbers at Court that they were randomly using that the Court Clerk after 15 months had to write to inform them of their error, I decided I would not pay any more money until he had complied with rule 15. As can be seen below (outlined in yellow) at the third attempt to see Gordon Luckhurst he sarcastically told me to go ahead and complain to the Office of the Supervision of Solicitors which on the OSS advise I did, I was sacked a year later (7 June 2000) by Gordon Luckhurst for making an official complaint.

Solicitor Sandra Durrant had previously had my file dropped in her lap by Margaret Dunton but it was now in such a mess by now she struggled, contact had been lost with the defendants solicitors and the defendants disappeared into the woodwork. Sandra stated in a Office Note "he had not been well served by her pre-decessors at TBW" written just 2months before this one and just two days priory she wrote this Office Note that shows he (Gordon Luckhurst) is clearly guilty of "Professional Misconduct". Sandra would eventually resigned in discuss, read some comments: - zoominfo.com/p/Sandra-Durrant/565055309

"A solicitor who fails to honour an undertaking is prima facie guilty of professional misconduct. Consequently, the Office for the Supervision of Solicitors will expect its implementation as a matter of conduct".

Three years later (7 March 2002) Gordon Luckhurst writes a letter to the Law Society clearly admitting his "professional misconduct" which the 'Protection Team' then covered his arse. Because the defendants went bankrupt after I won the case with new solicitors I'm some £100K out of pocket (1990's) after 7yrs of tress & strain these 'IDIOT' at Thomas Boyd Whyte write to the 'Protection Team' "I have already offered Mr Gray a full refund of all profit cost together with VAT that he paid to this firm and in addition, £1,500 in compensation in respect of this matter." 'IDIOT' 'IDIOT' 'IDIOTS' Ol' Gord thinks he can walk-away for the price of £1,500 without me telling the World Wide Web about just how bad they run their business at Thomas Boyd Whyte in Bexleyheath, Kent. UK
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First lets us look at the most accurate discription by the Law Society's chief executive, Desmond Hudson, he has stated that: -
"fair criticism" is "entirely valid" and that the need for clients to be able to give feedback is "extremely important".
Desmond Hudson, Law Society Chief Executive - 23 March 2011 09:49