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Professional Misconduct by Gordon Luckhurst, Senior Partner

This hand written 'Attendence Note' by my Solicitor, Sandra Durrant, clearly shows the Senior Partner (Gordon Luckhurst) is in violation of Solicitors Practice Rule 15. What does the Law Society rule say; -
"Rule 15 requires all firms to have and to follow a procedure for handling client complaints. Failure to do so is a disciplinary offence". What a load of crap these people come out with for 'Solicitors Practice Rule 15' doesn't exist, the Protection Team have seen to that. TBW rather than comply with the Client Care Agreement they considered to try the "come off record" (to sack me) route as my solicitors (see PS at bottom outlined in yellow)

If you click Here you can see a second 'Attendence Note' written by Sandra Durrant that states she "thought he had not been served well by her pre-decessors at TBW". "M.V.D." in the document below refers to Margarett Dunton who chaired the meeting (on her own 2yrs after leaving TBW according to a Court document) concerning my complaint about her and Ol' ZM (Zahida Manzoor LSO) thought this was all in order ('Solicitors Practice Rule 15' and all that?)."M.V.D." = Judge, Jury and Defendant = "Game Set and Match" to the Law Society.

^Gordon Luckhurst follows this suggestion above with clear intentions in sacking me.

This 'Attendance Note' below was written by my Solicitor 12 month before the top one so Gordon Luckhurst was very aware of what was going on and had no reason for not complying with Solicitors Rule 15.

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