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A letter I sent to 'Tony's Crony', Lord 'Chuckling Charlie' Falconer, who I have so far found to be as straight has a '9 Bob Note' that shows just how corrupt the 'Legal Mafia' are. I'm sure there are some 'Nights in Shining Armour' out there; we know there are plenty of 'Al Capone's' but the ones that 'Severely Damage Your Health' are the 'Cowboys'. A label Mr A Higgins QC put on Thos Boyd Whyte Solicitors in Bexleyheath, Kent, UK. Unfortunately for any Complainants the 'Legal Mafia' have 'Sammy the Bull' and 'Mikey' who between them had never heard of the 'Marquis of Queensberry'. Click Here to read the letter and some remarks 'Ckuckling Charlie' made on 'Human Rights'.

It seems to me that a great number of the people who sit-in judgment on the 'common English' public are either pedophiles, or paying shirt lifters of young persons or god knows what and if they are caught with their trousers down then Lord 'Chuckling Charlie' first of all try's to do a 'cover-up-job' which ends up with a year's 'gardening leave' and then a £1,000,000.00 pay off.

Justwhat happens if a 'common member of the public' is foolish enough to make a complaint against these 'Custodians' of the English Law System? True to form from the OSS/CCS, Zahida Manzoor the LSO, 'Dickie the Chair' Chair of the Compliance Board (Richard Hegarty) who's job it is to see that solicitors comply with the 'rule book' but violates the rules himself, 'Chuckling Charlie' the Lord Chancellor (DCA and a passed 'flat mate' of Tony Blair) and the man who according to 'Charlie' is supposed to enforce the "set of enforceable rules" 'King Richard' the Information Commissioner (Richard Thomas) are, amongst others, the 'enforcers' and 'guardians' of the Law Society's Protection Racket.




Click Here Magistrate Michael Dando who is also a 'Governor' of my old School involved with 'Call Girl' and arrested in connection with deception.


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Let me quote what a 'high ranking Lawyer' stated, as taken from this article "Judge Davies brought the judiciary into disrepute and should have been sacked. One can't help wondering if the old boys' network has come to his rescue".

I have been saying that the Law Society operates a Protection Racket and now a "high ranking Lawyer" appears to agree and who is up front leading it? Well 'Charlie' Falconer and Lord Woolfe decided "the investigation would not be concluded" Yeah Right. So just how many other 'scandles' have been 'covered up' by the "old boys' network"?

Just a couple of 'Chuckling Charlie's' quotes: -
"And I say this to our opponents on the right: we will not be deflected from ensuring that the people of this country know what are their rights, how they can obtain them, and how they may enforce them. Never mind the right wing: we will do the right thing". I suppose "doing the right thing" when somebody is a member of the Law Society is to do a 'cover-up' job, give them a year to do their garden and a million pounds to do it with.

"Who will stand up for our basic rights and freedoms if we are unpopular or don't have money or don't have power?" It is clear if you are a 'common' member of the English public who has made a complaint against a member of the Law Society then 'Charlie' comes to the rescue of that Law Society member(s).


COMMON sense suggests it would be unwise for a Prime Minister to select as his Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Constitutional Affairs a man with whom he once shared a flat, a crony without obvious qualifications for the job.
However, that's what happened when Tony Blair picked his lawyer friend Charlie Falconer.
If Lord Falconer of Thoroton (as he became) possesses other qualities which would commend him as a senior government minister to other premiers, these have not come to light.
Neither has Falconer - a former minister for the ... __________________________________________