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The 'Law Society' and their 'Rules'
In the past it was greatly believed the British Law Society was the best there was and the envy of the world, many from outside of the UK use the 'British Law Fraternity' believing the British Law Society 'rules' will ensure they get a correct, honest and trustworthy service from those 'Knights' of this 'Noble Profession'. What mugs these foreigners must be, never mind their money will be most welcome to the British economy.


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There used to be the Law Society Complaints section then in 1993 the Solicitors Complaints Bureau came into being and unsuccessfully failed to deal with complaints then in 1996 came the 'Office for the Supervision of Solicitors' shouting "The Office's declared aim is 'excellence and fairness in enforcing standards'" also 'a new emphasis on conciliation' and 'major initiatives in client care'". The Law Society said when the SCB became the OSS; "No new powers, but the Law Society promise a 'complete restructuring of the old Solicitors Complaints Bureau'". Yeah Right.

In April 2004 the OSS that was the SCB and having both failed along with Complaints section is now the CCS (Consumers Complaints Service) will "focus exclusively on the rapid resolution of complaints about poor service and which replaces the OSS in that role". 'My my my' a more "rapid resolution" in ignoring/avoiding the rule book! Well as the CCS's Complaints Commissioner is ZM (Zahida Manzor) who is still the LSO and it appears is prejudiced against white males and as leopards don't change their spots the only difference this time is Complainants will be just as unhappy but with a more "rapid resolution".

Let me quote from a letter I received from Nalini Deen at the DCA (Department for Constitutional Affairs they do add in their title "Justice, rights and democracy" what planet do these people live on?) "I should emphasise that the legal profession is independent and self-regulating, for this reason neither the Secretary of State nor his officials can comment on or intervene in individual cases concerning members of the legal profession" What does 'Chuckling Charlie' blather mouth; "such as the need for an explanation or a change in procedures to prevent a recurrence of the source of the dispute" now come on 'Chuckles' how can you talk about a "a change in procedures to prevent a recurrence" when you say "the Secretary of State nor his officials can comment on or intervene" these people are a law unto themselves "the legal profession is independent and self-regulating". So tell us, why does the Law Society have rules when they are ignored for the sole purpose of protecting lawyers?

Lord 'Chuckling Charlie' will tell you there are a "set of enforceable rules" but what does Chuckles say when these "enforceable rules" are violated; "If you don't like the way we ignore/violate the rules, then take us to the High Court, out and out 'intimidation' by 'Chuckling Charlie'.

There is approximately a complaint against every fourth Solicitor in the UK and this is when the law firm will ignore the rule book, the Ethics committee, on 'hearsay', will advise that the client should be sacked the OSS/CCS, LSO, Law Society Board members, Lord 'Ckuckling Charlie' Falconer and even King Richard the Information Commissioner team-up to become a Protection Racket and according to the CCS (Aman Virk) 'Dickie the Chair' with the backing of the Law Society will ring the client during the evening and try to 'intimidate' them. Are you sure you want to use an English law firm?

I cannot close this page without a comment on Janet Paraskeva, Law Society's Chief Executive, when she was sitting alongside of Margaret Hodge at the time Ms Hodge was handcuffed to a member of 'Fathers4Justice' in their 'Handcuff a Turkey' campaign. Janet Paraskeva's Comment was "The Law Society is appalled by the behaviour of Fathers 4 Justice", what's her 'Beef'? Janet Paraskeva on behalf of the Law Society is 'Handcuffing' solicitors clients if they dare to challenge the Law Society's Complaints Procedure when she clearly knows it is nothing less than a 'Protection Racket'. Click Here to read the article.

Some more interesting information from the Internet is where Ol' ZM talks about "Law Society, Rule 15", which in her book does not apply to men: -
Select Committee on Constitutional Affairs Minutes of Evidence


Q20 Mr Soley*:
..., Putting it rather more bluntly, most of them object strongly to the concept of consumer complaints, do not like the idea, feel they are being put upon and that consumers should stop whingeing, pay their money and accept the service they get because it is a far better service than they appreciate. That is the attitude of a significant number, is it not?

Ms Manzoor: ... A robust approach needs to be taken to enforce, for instance for solicitors from the Law Society, Rule 15, which says very clearly that solicitors have to have a written complaints-handling procedure and they have to log all the complaints that they receive...

Mr Soley asked a question, Zahida Manoor Lied, Mr Soley believed her but more to the point 'could he care less whether she lied or not provided the answer sounded good'?
(*Mr Clive Soley MP Labour Ealing, Acton and Sheppard's Bush)

My final thoughts are Zahida Manzoor and Janet Paraskeva are a pair straight off of the 'Fruit and Veg Stall'.

Janet Paraskeva is, despite her £297'000.00 including a generous £72,000 in pension contributions. Ms Paraskeva was also awarded a healthy £28,000 bonus, though what exactly this was for is anyone's guess.
Also Janet Paskareva bags 20k for 15 days work with anti-mafia unit. Law Society chief executive Janet Paraskeva has been appointed as a non-executive director of the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) - a post that will net her £20,000 a year for 15 days work. President Kevin Martin said that it would not diminish her commitment to the Law Society. The news comes a month after The Lawyer exclusively revealed that Paraskeva had been appointed as a shadow member of the board of the Consumer Council for Water, which will occupy two days a month plus another £7,000. The job will suit her well has 'champion of sewerage consumers', when they issue her with a 'King size Shovel' it will allow her to shovel 'shit' as well has herself and ZM talking it: -