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Richard Thomas
Like Smoking 'King Rickard' should come with a 'Government Health Warning'

The Data Protection Acts 1998
There are many similarities between Richard Thomas and 'King Richard II', for instance 'Richard', albeit he was only a boy at the time but still King, he stood by while William Walworth, Mayor of London, decapitated Wat Tyler, the peasants champion and paraded his head on a pole across London Bridge on 15 June 1381, 166 years to the day after the signing of the Magna Carta at Runny Mead.

As for Richard Thomas he stands by while the Law Society 'pillage' files, 'decapitate' the rights of solicitors clients' and parade them around like trophies. May be Richard Thomas will recall the outcome in 1381 'the riot was brutally crushed, the Pole Tax was abolished and Wat Tyler became a Folk Hero'. Oh yes and King John was dead within a year of signing the 'Magna Carta in 1215 and he didn't want to comply with the rules either. Click Here

'King Richard's' opinion is solicitors' can ignore the 'Client Care Agreement', ignore the Law Society's 'Data Protection Notice', the Office for the Protection of Solicitors Data Controller does not have to abide by the 'Set of enforceable rules' known as the 'Eight Principles' that 'Chuckling Charlie' Falconer has stated all 'Data Controller's' must adhere to. If a solicitors client is 'foolish' enough to send a complaint to the OSS, even when the OSS advise this should be done, the solicitors' can 'phone the Data Controller and 'King Richard' states the rule book doesn't apply and the solicitors can use data/information from that complainant's 'unopened' file for their own personal gain against the complainant and the Law Society's 'Ethics Committee' ('Ethics' = moral principles. Yeah Right) will advise the solicitors, based on the information the Solicitor had collected from the complainant's file, on reasons/excuses to sack the client and the complainant won't even know what's going on and according to 'King Richard' this is normal and correct. Obviously 'King Richard' needs his 'nuts' tightened.

'King Richard' also states that any member on the Board of the Law Society can 'pillage' whatever data/information from complainants' complaint files for their own personal use also he states they can contact, again over the 'phone, any client's firm of solicitors to collect private, personal and/or confidential data/information for their own private use just as 'Dickie the Chair' (Richard Hegarty & Co) did to me which 'King Richard' and Aman Virk, who is at the Protection Society's Head Quarters (OSS), called 'Law Society business'.

Although 'King Richard' states 'god knows how many people' can freely have access to complainants' files with the OSS and firms of solicitors he clearly states the complainant is not allowed access to his file(s) because they are "not part of a relevant filing system" also they are not allowed to know who, when or for what purpose data is being collected. Click Here to read part of a letter I sent to 'King Richard' that points out part of the Law Society's Data Protection Notice and also a quote from his own web site.

What is the bottom line concerning the 'rule book'? Well according to 'King Richard' the 'rule book' would not apply to the Law Society's members and members of the Law Society Board have access to the OSS's as well has any private Law firm's clients' files to use for what ever reason they like just as 'Dickie the Chair' did for his personal reasons in my case. Can anyone imagine what private/personal data/information is being, legally according to 'King Richard', passed around the Legal Mafia?

Click Here to read the 7th letter I wrote to 'King Richard' (1 July '04)

Click Here to read the last and 10th letter I wrote to 'King Richard' (6 Nov '04). This letter shows the lengths this Protection Racket go to by even lying what was said in conversations between the OSS (now the CCS) and my Solicitor also the conversation between 'Dickie the Chair' (Richard Hegarty, Chair of the Compliance Board) and myself which 'King Richard' now admits has his office was not 'a party' to these 'conversation' they "could not give you any information regarding the subject matter".

At its best the 'Lawyer's Protection Society' in 'Action'.
Click Here to read the 'Law Society's 'Data Protection Notice' which 'King Richard' believes is to be used to 'Protect' members of the Law Society. Being an 'ex-solicitor' himself what more would be expected of him (Click Here "Old Boy Net Work to the rescue).

Finally according to what 'King Richard' is saying the 'Data Protection Acts 1998' can be violated by anybody and he cannot do anything about it.

28 February 2005 I have replied to the Parliamentary Ombudsman's letter in it I refer to the Data Protection Acts as a 'Toothless Beached Alligator' let me quote King Richard; "Failure to comply with the data protection principles is not a criminal offence", "The Information Commissioner has no powers to punish a data controller for a failure to comply with the data protection principles" and "The only action we would been able to take would have been to require the Law Society to take steps to prevent similar future contraventions". Would someone like to tell me just what use the Data Protection Acts are?

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