Ex-Vice President of the Law Society
Kamlesh Balh

The article below makes interesting reading about an ex-senior member of the Law Society who made judgment on complaints made by members of the public and "...leaves a question mark over the standards of the profession...".

The Myth.
Miss Bahl was found by an independent enquiry (Griffith) to be a bully. Both that enquiry and the Employment Tribunal found her to be a liar. The Tribunal also found her to be a perjurer. Despite that she and her supporters have been systematically rewriting history over the last eighteen months to portray herself as the poor downtrodden victim.

The Reality.
These are the facts.
Quotes from the Tribunal or other published documents are in italics.

Fact 1.

Miss Bahl is a bully and has been for many years.

Here is a letter published in the Guardian about her behaviour when she was head of the EOC.

The Guardian

I was a press officer at the Equal Opportunities Commission when Kamlesh Bahl became chair under the first ever open recruitment process (Law Society accused of sex and race bias, March 15). Staff there were excited about the arrival of a young black woman who had broken the mould of government appointments from the "great and the good".

Imagine our horror when our heroine turned out to be a power-mad bully. One of her first victims was Valerie Amos, the best ever chief executive of the EOC and a black woman. If Kamlesh Bahl plays the race card in her dispute with the Law Society it will be an insult to those thousands of black people who really do face discrimination at work.

Fiona Fox

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