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Why are 'Englishmen getting P****d Off'? Take a look at 'Trev's Page'
Ok so you have looked at 'Trev's Page' now see what 'Mr Angry' at the 'News of the World' as to say on "Immigration"


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An e-mail written by Yelena Ford (Professional Regulation Branch) that came from 'Chuckling Charlie's' (DCA) office that implies if as a complainant you want the Law Society to comply with their rules and the law you will have to take your complaint to the High Court.

I decide to reply Knowing full well you are banging your head up against a 'brick wall' in the shape of the 'Law Society's Old Boys Protection Network'. Tony and George should send this lot to Afghanistan, the Taliban wouldn't have a chance against them.

So you think the English Law Society are honest, trustworthy and would keep their members (Lawyers) on the 'straight and narrow' you know if they do something wrong (inadvertently of course) they will tell them "That's not Cricket Old Boy". Oh dear, you people really must be 'mugs', just read the recent letter I sent to the LSO, Zahida Manzoor you know that member of an ethnic minority who has her 'head and shoulders' so far up Tony's Crony, Chuckling Charlie's Arsehole she is now 'Teflon Coated'. Don't you 'Mugs' ever think of complaining about an 'English Lawyer', it would be easier to make a duck wet by tipping water on its back. This lot are not 'The Law Society' but 'Self Protection Society' who could teach the 'Mafia' a thing or two about 'Protection Rackets'.

US Attorney Carolyn Elefant states all Lawyers 'Tell Lies'

Some good news about 'Chuckling Charlie'

Continuing with the above paragraph Zahida Manzoor has personally decided that in the interests of protecting 'Dickie the Chair' she will not answer my questions or say why she has allowed the Consumers Complaints Service to ignore and misuse the Law Society's rules also to break the law. She is trying to 'intimidate' me by saying I will have to take her to the High Court if I want answers. Read her letter, read my reply and again ZM's 'Mouth Piece' replies accusing me of making an attack on ZM's 'integrity', see 30 June '06 on my News Page. I write back to ZM with documentary evidence that shows she 'conspired' with the Law Society. Three weeks and no reply from ZM so I write once more, second to last paragraph of that letter it seems she is now a common 'criminal'.

ZM does not want to answer any questions, as usual, so I write to her once more. This time I tell her she is the 'key player' in the Law Society's 'Protection Racket' and invite her to take me to the High Court, if she's got the 'Balls'.

'Beware of Loose Information that may concern you'

The 'Right Horrible Tony' is about as useful as a 'Dick at a Gay Wedding'

Mucky Judges

'Chuckling Charlie' bans the word 'Homosexual'

'Chuckling Charlie' also has a drive on to make more ethnic minorities 'Judges'. However if you consider applying for a position as a 'Judge', which the pay for not doing anything is very good and you will have to know what agencies to use when employing your 'Cleaner' then make sure you get your moneys worth. Click Here for an insight.

If you click Here you will be able to listen to a story that makes my complaint against the Law Society sound like a mild irritation and you will see there is no way you are going to beat the Law Society's 'Old Boys Network' that even includes the Police. This video mentions 'Dickie the Chair' and comments about Janet Paraskeva the Law society's Chief Executive.

Click Here it appears the Law Society are illegally withholding evidence in their efforts to protect 'Dickie the Chair' (what will ZM do in her investigation?).

White Men get the 'Short Straw'

New page: - The Law Society's Old Boys Protection Team

ZM employs 'Mace & Jones Solicitors' WHY?? Updated 26th Jan '06

Would anyone believe there are around 440,000 disillusioned Law Society consumers every year? Well it appears Ol' ZM thinks so, click Here to find out.
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Who is trying to get this website removed from the 'Internet'? Click Here
The 'Ethics Committee' recommend that solicitors clients who complain should be Sacked
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Click Here Zahida Manzoor (LSO) tells Complainants to be 'persistent' the problem is if your gender happens to be 'Male' then she operates a 'Sexual Discrimination' clause.
Read "Rocky" the Rottwiellier who ZM now calls "Fido".
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Client Care Agreement' -- Does it have any validity at all?
------ "Hound Dog"'Who Taking Who for Walkies'?
'King Richard' (Richard Thomas) the Information Commissioner who knows the Law Society draw up their own rules in concurrence with the Master of the Rolls as decided he has the power to 're-word' these rules giving him the power to 'Protect' the Law Society and its members. .
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