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Mr Richard Hegarty
Chair of the Compliance Board
Hegarty & Co Solicitors
48 Broadway
17 September 2003

Dear Sir

Solicitors Rules

Thank you for your letter dated 11 September that mentions my letter dated 3 August which you did not respond to.

Letus look at your current letter for it states, "…I did not consider that my intervention would prove any assistance to you" and goes on to say "…to look into individual matters and to act as some sort of appeal process from disgruntled complainants or solicitors". The first thing that I notice is you have total disregard for 'Client Care' (disgruntled complainants), however, if you look at my letter dated 3 August, which you never replied to for the reason 'stated' above, may be you could tell me precisely where I asked you to "act as some sort of appeal process".

The question in my letter dated 3 August, to which you never replied, was: -

"MyQuestion is very short and very simple. How does a 'solicitor's client' get their solicitors to abide by the 'Client Care Agreement'. Solicitors Rule 15?"

The point here is you are 'The Chair of the Compliance Board' and 'supposedly' are meant to 'enforce the rules' that were made by the Law Society??? Now the point is my solicitors refused to abide by the 'Client Care Agreement' in as much the Senior Partner did not turn up for a pre-arranged meeting to hear my complaints, he refused twice more to see me and therefore they did not carry out an 'internal investigation'. The OSS who at the time I had 'phoned on more than one occasion and wrote to refused to 'enforce the rules' and two years later when they carried out an investigation they refused to address the point that the solicitors would not honour the 'Client Care Agreement' and they (OSS) did not or would not 'enforce the rules' at the time. The Legal Ombudsman said this point had "been dealt with" but failed to show 'where and how' which, just like yourself, are trying to sweep it under the table.

The point now is, as you and I know, you are deliberately trying to confuse the issue by trying to cover it up and getting out of doing your job by saying I am trying to get you "to act as some sort of appeal process". First of all I would presume it is your job to investigate any 'breach or none compliance of the rules' and what I see is your total 'avoidance of Client Care'. Either you have the 'Balls' to do the job or you don't. If you don't then you should realise the job is too big for you.

We now come to the point of who, on behalf of the solicitors' clients, 'enforces the rules that the Law Society have made? The OSS won't, when asked by the client, the Legal Ombudsman doesn't want to know and the 'Chair of the Compliance Board' is 'Ducking and Diving' quicker than Mike Tyson and he is liable to do a 'Mike Tyson' on you (bite your ears off) when he is asked a simple question.

Let me make a quote by Charles Louis Montesquieu: French Jurist (1689-1755)
"When I go to a country, I do not look to see whether there are good laws, but whether those there are enforced, for good laws are everywhere".

I believe I am wasting my time with you so I will in the next few days write to Peter Williamson, the President of the Law Society and ask him if solicitors will not abide by the rules that the Law Society have made and the OSS, the Legal Ombudsman and the 'Rules Enforcer' refuse to enforce them should they disregard "a process with regard to complaints" and write direct to him or may be The Lord Chancellor when their solicitors ignore the Law Society's own Rules? I will publish this letter on my website so solicitors' clients know what paths to follow.

I will remind Mr Williamson of what he said when he came to office: - "It is also a time for the profession to look at the way it works with consumers. We must strive to reduce the number of complaints and ensure that the public is confident that the Law Society is dealing properly and swiftly with solicitors who fail to provide a professional service".

Yours sincerely

X X Xxxx

PS I note you are having trouble getting addresses right, just as my solicitors did. My house number is Xx not Xz

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