Willoughby & Partners - Tower Hamlets London

The original - Solicitors from Hell .com

As can be seen by the Fax below that I received from my Hosting Co also the solicitors letter that was sent by Willoughby & Partners to my Hosting Co shows that both my ex-solicitors, 'Thos Boyd Whyte' of Bexleyheath Kent UK, and 'Dickie the Chair' (Richard Hegarty, Chair of the Law Society's Compliance Board) 'Top Dog' at Hegarty & Co, Peterborough and Stamford, put pressure on my hosting company forcing 1&1 to close me down. I wonder what happened to 'Freedom of Speech'.

Dear Brian Gray, (Cust: xxxxxxx)

Thank you for contacting us.

We have had to lock the account due to legal reasons and pressure put on ourselves from "Thos Boyd Whyte Solicitors" due to the content displayed on the website: solicitorsfromhell.com.

What we would suggest is that you move the domain to another hosting company for example xxxxxxxxx. To carry out the domain transfer you would need to send us a signed fax with account details to our direct fax number listed below. The fax must state that you wish to terminate and transfer the domains away from 1&1.

FAX: 01753 490 449
FAO: Bhuee Server Department

Thank you for the hosting time with 1&1.

Kind regards
Pardeep Bhuee

Technical Support
1&1 Internet Ltd.

You can also contact us via phone at 08708 503305 24/7

Richard Hegarty & Co. instructed Willoughby & Partners of London E14 9SG to close down "Solicitors From Hell" in May 2004. If what Ms Aman Virk at the CCS (Consumers Complaints Services) said is true then 'Dickie the Chair' (Richard Hegarty) was acting on "Law Society business".

Dickie the Chair was even on that notorious website closed by Mad Dog Des SolicitorsFromHell.co.uk