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Carolyn Elefant
Principal Attorney with the Law Offices of Carolyn Elefant (LOCE) in Washington D.C.

Dear Ms Elefant

Yes I do have 'strong views' when a member of the American Law Society has put lies and accused me of 'Extortion' on the 'World Wide Web', I asked you to withdraw these allegations and print an apology which you have declined to do but have left these allegation there for everyone to see. The only thing you have got right so far is my name in your recent email to me "Mr Gray".

You have offered me 1000 words to write a "post explaining my position" against your 75 (your count) defamatory comment about me. That does not amount to an apology or allow you to continue to leave your unfounded, unsubstantiated slander about me on the internet for the whole world to see. I have a website that 'explains my position' in relation to the UK Law Society and its members so why do I need your offer of 1000 words from you?- If I was to take up your offer it would be to tell the world of your vindictive attitude against somebody you don't know and have taken no interest in checking your facts were/are correct.- I'm sure you feel as an American Attorney you are not going to give in to, I suppose, intimidation as it appears the weak English solicitor fraternity have or are doing, unfortunately you are making an Elephant size 'clanger'. You have put 2+2 together and come up with 5, there are '2' clear facts in your information that you have wrong, when you spot them 2+2 will =4.

I asked you in my email " way of compensation I would expect a fair and accurate account of what is on my web pages and what it is about including making it clear that I receive no monies and make no charges what-so-ever in relation to my web pages". I believe that was a fair and genuine offer to conclude the misunderstandings you have made from information you have acquired, but clearly you believe what you have published about me is correct from the information you have and your investigation into its authenticity.

I asked you in my first email "You have accused me of 'extortion' by making a charge to solicitors to remove their names from my website, if as you refer that I am publishing defamatory content you now need to supply me with the evidence of this 'crime' if that is what it is and that I am doing what you say I am doing". I would once again ask for the defamatory information you have that you believe refers to me and to name third parties who are making these allegations so I can consider my options which will be, at the very least, a complaint against you to the Washington Supreme High Court where, I believe, complaints against lawyers in that State should be made.

I think you are ignoring advice you would probably give to your clients about being sure of the facts first. We say over here 'look before you leap'. You are 'leaping' with both eyes closed into the hole you are digging for yourself and will end up by being buried.

What are you accusing me of: -
You say I list on my website;
1 That I charge disgruntled solicitors clients a fee to name the, supposedly, offending firm or solicitor. Not true.
2 You say I charge the solicitors firm a varying price to remove part(s) or all the complaint(s) made against them. Not true.
3 You accuse me of 'Extortion', if 1 and 2 above are untrue where and how am I 'extorting' money from UK law firms? Of course you will need hard evidence to support this actuation.
You are, I believe, implying that by denying your allegations that I am a liar and a 'con artist' that would, again I believe, be clear defamation of character.

It appears to me that in your eyes I am lying and guilty until proven innocent, is that the American way the system works?- Oh yes, you are the one making force allegations and have published lies about what is on my website,

I now await copies of the evidence you have against me supporting your allegations.

Brian R Gray

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