Chuck Newton tells me he's a good friend of Solo Attorney Carolyn Elefant probably why he did not publish my comments on his 'Blog'

After Attorney Carolyn Elefant, a good friend of Chuck's which I didn't know at the time, published lies and defamatory content on her Blog I decided to post a comment on an American 'Blog' which happened to be another 'Solo' Attorney Chuck Newton's website. It seems all American Lawyers have these 'Blogs,' especially the 'Solos', but unless you are prepared to do some 'Arse Licking', and it appears there is a lot of that going on between these 'Solos', then you cannot get past 'First Base'.

First I have put the comment as I wrote it to Chuck's Blog but just like Carolyn Elefant he appears to suffer with dyslexia, his comment; "it made absolutely no sense to me" Poor man he does have a problem.

Is Carolyn Elefant the original American 'Solicitor from hell' who
is a 'Solo' operator who clearly needs help to check she gets her facts
right. Clients of this 'One man Band' (sorry Woman) should be aware that
her information collecting skills are suspect which led to her telling
lies that could end in 'Defamatory' law suits if they are not careful,
especially when accusing somebody of "Extortion". At present this 'Solo'
needs a wide birth. See; -

Chuck accuses me of a 'rant' against Carolyn Elefant but he is 'ranting' so much you can see the steam coming out of his ears and the horns appearing out of his head. Ol' Chuck rants that I have a disagreement with an English lawyer but, just like Carolyn Elefant, he could not see the wood for the trees. Let me explain it for Chuck, Attorney Carolyn Elefant read an article in the Law Society Gazette and got her 'bits and bobs' all tangled up and made false outrageous accusations against me. Let me point out the 'wood' that Chuck cannot 'see', if Chuck had read the information right and looked at the links correctly he would have seen there was no 'English Lawyer' involved just the fact that his 'friend' had published false defamatory allegations against me and he couldn't, let me repeat "see the wood for the trees". So I suppose this is why "it made absolutely no sense" at all to Chuck and in the first instance it was an American Attorney with a big 'EGO' that stuck her big nose into my affairs, not the other way round

Date: Thu, 22 Apr 2010 15:02:51 -0500
Subject: Re: Comment on "Solo By Choice - The Premise"

Dear Mr. Gray:

My blog is certainly not going to publish this comment. First, I took a
quick look at your site, and although I might lack the context to
understanding what you are saying, it made absolutely no sense to me.
That is certainly true in regard to your rant about Carolyn Elefant.
Second, the purpose of my blog and this post on which you issued this
statement is to enlighten in a positive way attorneys who wish to engage
in the solo practice of law in the USA. As far as I know, that is the
purpose of Ms. Elefant's book. It is not to get involved in petty and
escalating disagreements you might have with a solicitor in your
country. My point is that your arguments might be perfectly legitimate,
I do not know, but they are not relevant to this blog. Third, although
I know nothing about Ms. Elefants cases or clients or all of her
statements, in that I do not practice with her or in the same practice
area, I consider her a friend. She is very well respected in this
country for her contributions to the solo practice of law. Therefore, I
am not about to publish a comment concerning nasty little statements
that are designed to achieve nothing else but to get a rise out of people.

Chuck Newton

The first point I note from Chuck's response is that he said "I am not about to publish a comment concerning nasty little statements that are designed to achieve nothing else but to get a rise out of people". Funny that he seem to think his friend's erroneous allegations, lies, defamatory accusations of extortion published on the www are not "nasty little statements" but when I respond, after she has refused to remove them and apologise, he then thinks that what I say are "nasty little statements". Boy-O-Boy Chuck lad your brains must be down in your boots.

OK Chuck, from your perspective, please tell me how my disagreement with the English Law Society and their members has anything to do with your good friend's defamatory accusations of extortion on the www against me. The Law Society Gazette ran the story about Rick Kordowski but your friend put her own 'spin' on it then named the wrong website. When you actually got through to her addled brain, what was her excuse, "I was confused", she didn't even apologise and lied her socks off in trying to shift the blame in my direction. I don't suppose that is a good enough reason for me to have got annoyed about, what do you think Chuck??

What is a 'Solo'? Let me quote Carolyn Elefant "The way I like to tell it...I'm the head honcho in my own law firm (that one is on Facebook)...a big law firm wasn't big enough. Not big enough for my ego...I was a lawyer ahead of schedule...the first generation of lawyer-bloggers...the first to recognize and harness the power of the Internet...the first generation of law firms owner long before the dotcom boom of the late '90s". All this 'bragging' and she doesn't know her 'DotCom's from her Dot.CO.UK's or anything else which was the basis of her identifying the wrong person with her false accusations. OK you want to know more well just listen, sorry read what this 'Elefant' says while blowing her own 'Trumpet'.
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Finally what did Chuck's friend say on her Blog after the "wood" became visible to her "I had made a mistake so I was loathe to apologize" add that to her overlarge 'EGO' we know why she could not apologise. Your relations are for life and not by choice your friends are. Advice to Chuck, have second thoughts on this one!

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