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If, like me, you are wholeheartily sick and fed up to the teeth with those @*!#potts at Leamington, one's paitence runs out.

Having handed into their office the complete files along with CD ROM showing hard evidence of blundering incompetance, serious fraud, perjury, corruption and cover up, they have the audacity to reply back and say they they have seen NO EVIDENCE. This is of course total BS. A Local Concillation Officer who retired from the OSS investigative team, said my wife and I had been treated appallingly by the solicitors concerned, and, due to the number of solicitors involved, had got to be the worst case of professional incompetance, negligence, failure to act, serious misconduct, corruption and coverup, he had ever seen. That speaks volumes.

The OSS has got to be the most corrupt organisation not only in the UK, but the WHOLE WORLD.

It was formally known as the OSS, that must have stood for Organised Scam Society. Now it calls itself the CCS, so that must stand for Corruption and Coverup Society.

When sending mail to this scum society mark envelope as:-

Corruption and Coverup Society

If enough people address letters as above, it will get their wind up, and the postman will have a laugh at the same time. If enough of us do it, who knows we may make it on the news, or some other programme. We can then have a field day telling interviewers just how bad things are, which may in turn lead to a programme about complaints handling, or failure of it.



Dear Brian, I too have been victim to a solicitor from hell who prolonged my divorce for three years, lied, did not return calls, caused a court battle due to a breakdown in communication with my ex husbands solicitors which in turn broke down the contact between my daughter and her father for three months, over charged me by two thousand pounds, refused to give cost information, took me to court to intimidate me into signing off escalated costs and continued to add cost without my knowledge 2 years after the divorce. These are just a few things. I too have been through the O.S.S. as it was then, and miss manzoor. All in all 7 years and still having problems. My M.P. has also had no end of trouble with this said solicitor.

Your description of a ‘protection racket’ made me smile. It is exactly that. The law society will not acknowledge the bleeding obvious. I’m at the end of my tether and wondering weather its all worth it, but have come so far I don’t want to give up.

I would love to have a chat with you and would be happy to phone u one evening as you have taken this further than I. I’m from Bedfordshire if you are near perhaps we could meet for a coffee. There must be thousands like us. jules
I'm sory I did not reply to this one, I just got 'snowed under'.


Hi Brian,


I will be a little cautious but The Solicitor I am complaining of has appealed his Remuneration Cert and His original shows a Cost of more than 50% above the Remuneration Cert. I have asked the Law Society to defend their opinion. They Have refused and I am taking issue with this.

You will not be suprised at the incompetance and laziness which has cost us £30, 000. Complaints are under investigation but for some they are outside the remitt.
I'll tell you more later.


Hello Brian,


I am in court on 8th March, where I have taken procedings against The Law Society for "aiding and abetting the fraudulent practice of solicitors"

My home telephone number is xxxxx xxx xxx (Wigan, Lanc's No)


John Kell


Hi Brian


I am currently about to embark on a long a dangerous journey to take to task a solicitor who has ripped me off to the tune of £28,000 for recovering 13k from a bunch of tenants who owed me money for refurbishment to where I live.

Although the details of the case are not greatly important, I would like to seek your opinion on how a layman can challenge the quality of advice given by a solicitor when your average laymen doesn’t have a clue what’s right, what’s wrong, and what could have happened if I had been advised differently.

I also have an issue that I was given an invoice for £28,000 after two years. I had no idea whatsoever that the charges were anywhere near that level, and not once during the two year period was I told what the current charges were at any one point in time or what they would be should I continue along the path taken.

Without knowing much about what solicitors are expected to do in relation to advising clients about charges, is there a code of practice solicitors are supposed to adhere to in relation to keeping clients advised of existing current charges and what charges will be if you go down a certain route.

I can’t believe it’s reasonable to give a client a bill for £28k after two years without any reference to costs during that two year period. I certainly would not have continued persuing court action they way I did if I had any idea whatsoever that it cost so much

Your help and advice would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards

Mark Roberts

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