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Re: http://www.solicitorsfromhell.com/news.htm#integrity - yes, I've had a lot of crap from Rob Bartrum too.

Keep up the good work.

Regards, Spenser (also not one to walk away)


John Lymbury - Law Society adjudicator

Saw your reference to him.

Have you done a google search on him? Was recently President of the Nottinghamshire Law Society and still on its Council. Former President of the Sole Practitioners' Association. Former Law Society Council Member. Former Chairman of Round Table.

Lifelong friend of David Baker, who just happens to be .....Manager of the Adjudication Unit - Former Law Society Council Member, Round Table etc.

How did they, with no previous judicial experience, get their jobs? They have no degrees, law or otherwise.

That's right - it stinks.

Please keep my "identity" confidential.


Dear Brian, I too have been victim to a solicitor from hell who prolonged my divorce for three years, lied, did not return calls, caused a court battle due to a breakdown in communication with my ex husbands solicitors which in turn broke down the contact between my daughter and her father for three months, over charged me by two thousand pounds, refused to give cost information, took me to court to intimidate me into signing off escalated costs and continued to add cost without my knowledge 2 years after the divorce. These are just a few things. I too have been through the O.S.S. as it was then, and miss manzoor. All in all 7 years and still having problems. My M.P. has also had no end of trouble with this said solicitor.

Your description of a ‘protection racket’ made me smile. It is exactly that. The law society will not acknowledge the bleeding obvious. I’m at the end of my tether and wondering weather its all worth it, but have come so far I don’t want to give up.

I would love to have a chat with you and would be happy to phone u one evening as you have taken this further than I. I’m from Bedfordshire if you are near perhaps we could meet for a coffee. There must be thousands like us. jules



I have looked at your website and you have my sympathy.

My family are being sued by a firm of solicitors cos we pointed out their inadequacies and we will probably lose. We desperately want to find out if there are other disgruntled clients of this firm and wondered if you knew of any way to found out?

They are called Thompson Sneel & Passmore based in Kent.

I wish you all the luck in the world cos lets face it, we need it!

Kind regards

Scott Armstrong


Hi from Newcastle,

I was searching on Google trying to find out how I might be able to sue an opposing (bent as hell) solicitor and came across Unjustis and a link to yourself.

I thought I was alone after 4 years of living hell. Boy do I have a story to tell and its not over yet.

I agree that they appears to be two distinct types of solicitor: A and B but it is very difficult for anyone to determine at face value which is which. I have considerable faith in my legal team built up over 25 years. I have about zero faith in the LS, FSA, DTI, Revenue etc etc.

Keep up the good work.




translated4U translated4U [translated4u@msn.com]

Murdering Solicitor Phil Shiner - 149 Oak Farm Road - Birmingham B30 1ET.
This despicable creature solicited in Iraq, then funded by our legal aid did represent suspected terrorists in bring six young soldiers, including a Lt/Col before a court martial. This has resulted in scores of our young men in the killing fields of Iraq and Afghanistan dying as they fear pulling the trigger.

You might be interested in the home address of Legal Services Ombudsman Zahida Manzoor as being 489 High Street - London - E12 6TH - 02085146865 and wish to publish it on as many sites as possible. This woman is not-fit-for purpose.

Received 16/6/07

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