"Race and Sexual Discrimination"
Legal Services Ombudsm an "Zahida Manzoor" Legal Services Complaints Diirector
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------------ "Two Hats One Head"
Or is it in ZM's case "Two heads one Hat" confusing her on what head the 'Hat' is, on the other hand does she suffer with a touch of 'Alzheimer's' or may be she believes her 'Two Hatted' roll means she puts complainants into categories for different degrees of 'Preferential Treatment'. But then again has she got a 'Third Head' in the form of a "Member of the Race Equality Advisory Panel", a good mix of members who will reflect the dimensions of ethnicity, faith, gender, age and geographical location within Britain. She probably believes 'gender' is a reference to the female orientation only.

Click Here It appears 'Discrimination' within the Law Society is rife so complainants should, I suppose, expect to be 'Discriminated' against in the same way by these "Little Hitler's".

Click Here Men are new victims says equality chief by FRANCES GIBB, LEGAL EDITOR 'The Times'

Click Here - Here - Here and Here It also appears 'White Men' are singled out to be 'Discriminated' against??

Click Here On the 29 June '05 I sent a 'Questionaire' to ZM concerning her 'Sexual Discrimination' against me.

Click Here ZM sends me a solicitors letter. --- Click Here I correspond with ZM's solicitors.

Click Here I send a second letter to my MP for 'Referral' to the Parliamentary Ombudsman.

www.olso.org/valuesandobjectives.asp to read ZM's 'Aims and Values' then click Here to read what she said in Parliament and you will realise the only people to believe this load of 'Crap' are members of the Law Society who are 'Protected' by Ol' ZM.

Let me again indulge in my favourite past time (quoting ZM); "Complainants have to be pretty persistent to get through the very complicated process. I often say that they must have persistent genes. I wonder what percentage of complaints do not make it off first base. In these cases we are really looking at the reduction of access to justice for them". Let me further quote her advice for clients who believe they've had a rough deal; "Be persistent, she says. 'Remember it's your right to have your complaint investigated and you should pursue it because, hopefully, it can be mediated and conciliated to everyone's satisfaction". Now let me quote from her 'Little Blue Rule Book' that she sends to everybody who refers a complaint to her office; "What the Ombudsman will do is check that all your complaints were addressed and that this was done within a reasonable time" (ZM having her 'little jokes').

What does ZM say about 'Solicitors Practice Rule 15'; "A robust approach needs to be taken to enforce, for instance for solicitors from the Law Society, Rule 15, which says very clearly that solicitors have to have a written complaints-handling procedure". I wonder why she applied this in the case of a woman then at the same time refused to apply the same rights to a man. I believe this was clearly a case of 'Sexual Discrimination' if not why didn't she answer this question when I asked her.

What does the Law Society say about the CCS; "The Consumer Complaints Service is the part of the Law Society which helps you if you have a problem with your solicitor". What does 'King Richard' (the Information Commissioner, Richard Thomas) say about the advice the CCS gives complainants? Well his opinion is that when they (CCS) advise a complainant to send them a complaint that the solicitors are not complying with 'Solicitors Practice Rule 15' and the complainant takes their advice an automatic 'Conflict of Interests' will be created and the solicitors only have to verbally inform the Law Society's Ethics Committee who will, with no investigation or hesitation, advise the solicitors to sack the client. Yeah Right, there is only one winner in any game played with the Law Society for when 'High Ranking' lawyers are talking about the 'Old Boys Network' you know as a complainant you are on the losing side.

I will now move on and supply evidence that clearly shows I was not given equal consideration by the Legal Services Ombudsman, Zahida Manzoor, as to that given to a woman, click Here, or may be it is considered 'the norm' for white men in this country to be treated 'unequal' to all residents and others in the UK.

If you have clicked on the above 'link' it would have taken you to how ZM dealt with a 'woman' where Solicitors Practice Rule 15 was not complied with, ZM called it "Ludicrous and things have got to change", quite rightly so but she does not apply this criteria to the male species.

Five and half years into my litigation that the combined opinions of a Judge, a Barrister and one of my Solicitors showed it should have been completed in one year I asked to see Gordon Luckhurst the Senior Partner responsible for my case. First he did not turn up for a 'pre-arranged meeting' but sent a Solicitor who my complaints concerned and according to a Court document, that had a signed 'Declaration of Truth' on it, had left the firm some two years previously, Gordon Luckhurst knowing I had been in contact with the Law Society again refused twice more to see me and sarcastically in a letter he wrote to me said if I needed any help complaining to the CCS I only had to ask (Click Here and look at the last paragraph of a letter Gordon Luckhurst wrote to me). Because Gordon Luckhurst allowed a solicitor who's work I had complained about to chair the above-mentioned meeting and then twice more refusing to see me himself he would now be guilty under the Law Society rules of three accounts of 'Professional Misconduct' also he would have known, according to 'King Richard' (the information Commissioner, Richard Thomas), that if I followed his and the CCS's advise in making a complaint it would bring about a 'Conflict of Interests' which he knew would give a reason for him to sack me as a paying client.

What do we deduce from the above paragraph? ZM would most certainly have been aware that I had been ill-advised by the CCS in advising me to sending them an official complaint and she would have been aware that the CCS should have contacted Gordon Luckhurst of Thos Boyd Whyte Solicitors at the time I 'phoned them for help (remember: - "The Consumer Complaints Service is the part of the Law Society which helps you if you have a problem with your solicitor") to ask him why he was not complying with 'Practice Rule 15'. What did ZM do over 2 years later when my complaint eventually came under investigation? Well as she is part of the 'Old Boy's Network' she covered it all up and despite her "'Little Blue Rule Book' that she sends to everybody who refers a complaint to her office that states: - "What the Ombudsman will do is check that all your complaints were addressed and that this was done within a reasonable time", she first considered over 2 years to investigate my complaint to be "a reasonable time" and remember the CCS told me to send them the complaint in the first place then she refused to see that 'Non-Compliance of Solicitors Practice Rule 15' was "addressed".
The CCS and ZM are nothing less than a part of the 'Lawyers Protection Racket'.

Why we are on about Solicitors Practice Rule 15 let us look at what ZM said in Parliament: -
Examination of Witness (Questions 20-39) Click Here
4 MAY 2004
Q20 Mr Soley: … You must have a great deal of experience of consumer complaints. Can I put it to you that in fact, putting it kindly, many of the professionals in the area you are dealing with have come very late in the day to the idea of consumer complaints. Putting it rather more bluntly, most of them object strongly to the concept of consumer complaints, do not like the idea, feel they are being put upon and that consumers should stop whingeing, pay their money and accept the service they get because it is a far better service than they appreciate. That is the attitude of a significant number, is it not?

Ms Manzoor: … However, there are some real concerns about the minority that do not handle those complaints very well. A robust approach needs to be taken to enforce, for instance for solicitors from the Law Society, Rule 15, which says very clearly that solicitors have to have a written complaints-handling procedure and they have to log all the complaints that they receive. …Therefore, I think a robust approach by the Law Society needs to be undertaken to ensure that there is a written complaints-handling procedure, that complaints are logged, and that solicitors who need training in client care are given that training.

Mr Soley asked a question. Zahida Manzoor spouted out a load of crap. Mr Soley was gullible enough to believer her more to the point does he care that ZM doesn't practice what she preaches in her answers to questions in Parliament?

In case Mr Soley disapproves of this 'website' let us look at his views on 'censorship': -
Tuesday, January 18, 2005
Parliament 17.1.05 Click Here
Mr. Clive Soley (Ealing, Acton and Shepherd's Bush)
(Lab): This is a good time to remind ourselves that censorship is a dangerous thing for religions generally, especially minority religious views. Whether it be plays, books or operas on television, religionists would be ill advised to go down the road of censorship, not least because although I have not seen the "Jerry Springer" programme, having watched the play about it on the BBC the other week, my inclination would be to demonstrate against the makers of the "Jerry Springer" programme rather than against the BBC, which gave a strong moral message behind that play.

Let me quote the 'Law Society' on 'Enforcement of the Rules': -
Monitoring and enforcement of the rules
The Society has statutory powers for monitoring compliance with the practice rules , account rules , and indemnity rules and for the enforcement of these rules.

The Regulation Standards Directorate of the Law Society is primarily responsible for monitoring compliance with the rules.
The Regulation Compliance Directorate is responsible for taking any required enforcement action.

We endeavour to carry out our enforcement activities in a fair, equitable, practical and consistent manner, targeting risk in a proportionate way.

If the Law society and ZM (the Legal Services Ombudsman) decide not to comply with the "enforcement of these rules", even when ZM stated in Parliament that the Law Society will "...enforce..., Rule 15", who or how does a complainant get the "enforcement of" 'Solicitors Practice Rule 15'?? ZM has her head so far up 'Charlie's' arse she can't hear what's being said and when she opens her mouth all that comes out is a load of $*&%(=)+?.

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