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'Dickie the Chair', Hegarty & Co Solicitors in Peterborough and Stamford are trying to shut down this website by putting pressure on the Hosting Company. As you know 'Dickie' is the Law Society's Chair of the Compliance Board so we now know these people don't like their cages being rattled. Click Here to read the Lord Mayer of London's opinion on the 'Freedom of Speech.

Click Here 'Dickie' "celibrates"

Read the four recent letters I wrote concerning 'Dickie': -
First one to Aman Virk, Manager, Quality & Services Standards, at the Office for the Supervision of Solicitors who in her efforts to protect 'Dickie' has thrown the 'rule book' out the window.
Second one to The Information Commissioners Office (Data Protection Acts).
The third to Lord 'Charlie' Falconer who talks big but acts small.
The fourth was again to The Information Commissioner

Who is 'Dickie' Click Here
According to 'King Richard' 'Dickie the Chair' can, being as any member of the Law Society Board can, pillage Complainants' complaint files lodged with the 'Office for the Protection of Solicitors' whatever data/information they collect they can, according to 'King Richard', use for their own personal use, for instance, to 'phone anyone they have taken a dislike to and try and intimidate them. Any member of this Board, 'King Richard' states, can telephone any Law firm collect any data/information personal or otherwise, without the clients knowing as their consent is not needed, members of the Board can also use this data/information in anyway they like just as 'Dickie the Chair' did when he collected my personal information from a private Law firm. It appears the 'Confidentiality' rule that applies to solicitors is irrelevant when any member of the Law Society Board 'phone them, of course if I ring 'you' telling you I'm Roman Abramovich and offering you a contract to play for Chelsea you would have no doubt in your mind I was Mr Roman Abramovich and of course you would naturally accept it! Yeah right.

I believe 'King Richard' needs his 'Nuts Tightened'.

If you have a problem concerning a complaint it might help if you write to 'Dickie' the Chair of the Compliance Board (Rules Enforcer), 'King Richard's' opinion is that he will respond and Aman Virk, Manager, Quality & Services Standards at the Law Society, will tell you 'Dickie' regularly rings "disgruntled complainants" in the evenings to "discuss Law Society business" don't bother giving him a 'phone number he has access to all your personal details. 'Dickie' is, at heart, a 'gentle-man' although at times he acts like a 'Bull in a China Shop' but that is only because of his 'enthusiasm' to help and give advice to "disgruntled complainants".
Write to 'Dickie the Chair' at: -
The Chair of the Compliance Board
C/o Hegarty & CO Solicitors
48 Broadway
May be you should consider ringing him: - Tel: 01733 346333 Fax: 01733 562338
If not try an e-mail: and 'Dickie' might 'phone you that evening.