"Solicitors from Hell"

Information I received via e-mail published with the authors permission.

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Attachment: Corrupt Crown Prosecutors, Court Officials and Judges

Addendums To Dossier Of Documentary Evidence Submitted to government and David Calvert-Smith QC 2003: The named lawyers and court officials below colluded and conspired to pervert the course of justice to protect colleagues involved in irregularities. The verdicts were different to Merseyside where a judge, magistrate and court officials were arrested but the Modus Operandi the same. We continue to track down {the untouchable} criminals to their homes.

The Norfolkgate Affair Cartel: These names and addresses will be published on an Internet Websites in 2007 if the miscarriage of justice is not rectified.

Lower Court.

Mrs Patricia Newton. Prosecuting solicitor. 2 Homebred Lane, Loddon, Norfolk. NR14 6UY. Coached prosecution witnesses to commit and allowed perjury and lied to the court claiming her witnesses were of good character when she knew they had numerous criminal convictions. We are in contact with the new Chief Constable {Norfolk January 2007} and still seek her arrest.
The call for her arrest was supported by Lord Chief Justice Harry Kenneth Woolf QC in his letter submitted to Assistant Chief Constable John Bligh.
Bligh received the letter on the Tuesday, took immediate retirement.

Melvyn J Scutter. 205 Newmarket Road, Norwich. NR4 6AP. Presiding magistrate and local elected politician knew the defendant. Should have stood down.
Allowed perjury was bias towards the CPS.

Mr David Ratcliffe. Chief solicitor to the magistrates. *********,*******. **** ***. (Withheld because there are 4 David Ratcliffes in the area. We will authenticate.) This court official intercepted a pre-action high court JR letter (property of the Royal Mail) that would have forced Scutter from the bench. Together conspired to ignore the contents. The assistant chief solicitor Kevin Byrnes the hearing in April was to arrange an adjournment because the defendant had only 16 working days since he decided to defend himself assured the defendant. The defendant was ambushed.

MJ Stibbs (Barrister) We now have another just joined the crooks. This man pretended he was leader of a team of lawyers investigating Mrs Patricia Newton. He continued the deception for weeks until he was shopped by Kevin Byrne who was protecting his own back. Byrne sent a letter to the defendant postmarked April 27th 2004 back dated to March 29th 2004. We are asking how many more will join those in the hole and keep digging?

Kevin Byrne (barrister) Pear Tree Cottage - The Green Avenue - Edgefield - Norfolk NR24 2AL. This man sent a letter back dated March 27 2004 arrived April 29th 2004 - Post marked 27th April 2004 claiming Stibbs had no authority and was investigating nothing.

Martin Sale Chief Executive to the Justices. Has repeatedly refused to supply the names and addresses of the Magistrates committee. Has refused to investigate irregularities of a criminal nature of officials and officers of the court. Home Address 32 Peckover Way - South Wooton - Kings Lynn - Norfolk. NR PE30 3UE.

Heather Norman; Legal Clerk instructed barrister ******* *****. Frightened in what she had engaged she resigned her new career with *******s solicitors and fled the country to live in Portugal. Now we are members of the Coalition Of International Criminal Court we might seek her extradition as a hostile witness to put five crown prosecutors to jail for conspiracy to pervert the course of justice on which there is no statute of limitation.

Crown Court.

Guy Russell Ayres: Barrister, Senior Partner at the Octagon Chambers and 1 Paper Buildings Chambers. A Norfolk Crown Prosecutor. (Arranged for solicitor W M Clarke to instruct barrister Charles Myatt) Home address - 21 Eaton Road, Norwich NR4 6PR.

Katharine Elizabeth Moore: Barrister and prosecutor with the Octagon Chambers. Friend of the solicitor prosecuting Patricia Newton. Withdrew as defence lawyer at 11th hour and prejudiced the case. Was reported to the Bar Council for prejudicing the case. Norfolk Crown Prosecutor Home address: 6 Anchor Quay, Norwich NR3 3PR. Cleared by Commissioner Scott of the Bar Council.

Charles E Myatt: Barrister at 1 Paper Buildings Chambers, London. Norfolk Crown Prosecutor: Went through the motions of defending. Refused to use legal argument or disclose the criminal records of the prosecution witnesses. A main prosecutor for Norfolk CPS. Friend of barrister Katharine Moore and from sister chambers. Home addresses: 39a Trinity Street, London,
SE1 4JA and Gable End, The Street, Diss, Norfolk IP22 1DY (Previous address
1 Hall Farm Cottage, Langham Village, Bury St Edmonds, IP31 3EG) Personal friend and from the same chambers as barrister Gregory L Perrins for the prosecution at the crown court appeal hearing.

Gregory L Perrins: Barrister at 1 Paper Buildings Chambers, London. Friend of Ms Katharine Moore and Charles Myatt. Norfolk Crown Prosecutor: Home
address: 54a Ark Court, Alkham Road, London, NR16 6XF. Currently defence barrister in the Suffolk Murders case. We are campaigning for his removal from that case.

Wayne M Clarke: Solicitor at Powley's, Lowestoft. Solicited his services late one evening. He claimed Myatt was a London barrister with no connections with Norfolk. He lied. Myatt had a cottage in Suffolk. Home address, 24 Thistledown Close, Colton Colville, Suffolk. NR33 8SN.

Simon Mason: Solicitor at the LSC Eastern Region, Cambridge. coerced into refusing legal aid by Clarke. Home address: Long Hill Road, March, Cambridgeshire, PE15 0BL Wrote letters under the name of a non-existent director of the LSC.

Judge Peter Jacobs: Norfolk Crown/Combine Courts.

Home address; Page Stair Lane, Kings Lynn - Norfolk - PE30 1NQ or 11 Fulmerston Rd - Thetford. He was moved out of the main Norfolk court to a lesser court for a time.

Senior Prosecutor Peter J Tidey, Norfolk CPS.

Home address - Curzon House Flat 3, Albemarle Road, Norwich - NR2 2DF.
Involved in the cover-up. Tidey sat in on the case to ensure the part time defence barrister who is also a main prosecutor for Norfolk CPS did not put up a strong defence. He obeyed his other master, Peter Tidey, and put up a defence that was incredulous.

C G Harding, Head of Law and Administration, and Chief Clerk to Norfolk Police Authority:

Home Address - Chapel Road, Spooner Row, Wymondham, Norwich. NR18 9LN. Was exposed for conspiracy to cover up the abuse of elderly patients receiving care in the community in 1998.

Peter Topping - LSC Director did not exist and was not involved.

2006. New recruit: Paul Castellani - 15 Fulham Park Gardens - London - SW6 4JX - 0270366279. Deceived the defendant using alias Paul Castel. This man has compromised a high court Senior Master Sir Robert Turner by his deception and placed the ruling by Turner at risk. He is the latest to join the list of corrupt lawyers and will be published on the www.


Barrister Katherine Moore recently breach client lawyer confidentially by releasing confidential documents concerning the crown court appeal to one Guy Russell Ayers. Guy Russell Ayers and/or his representative solicitor Paul Castellanni, alias Paul Castel of Eversheds submitted those documents to the high court and had a case struck out by Mr Justice Turner. That is unlawful use of illegally obtained information and has compromised a high court judge.

Sir David Calvert-Smith QC. Home address: 106 Castelnau Gardens - London - SW139EU. Telephone 0208741241. This man, the Public Prosecutor in 2003 imposed a news blackout, instructed his staff to refuse telephone calls or respond to letters. We forced him from office. We will force him from the Queen's Bench Division for being a corrupt high court judge.

We have no faith in that department taking into account after the failed applications for judicial reviews and knowing the corrupt David Calvert-Smith QC is appointed a presiding judge in the Queen's Bench Division. That is why we are coming out of the shadows to set-up a www.website and let nature takes it course. We always comply with the law.
It is not an offence to publish the names and home addresses of known criminals. We remind you of the offence.

A former decorated officer Special Forces in 2001 went looking for his 12 year old grandson missing with a woman {mother} convicted of fraud, deception, theft, and other unrelated crimes and who served three 6-month sentences and her 5`11``, 25-stone self-confessed binge drinking new partner also with a criminal record. {if the course of conduct is to protect oneself or another no crime has been committed - 1997 protection from Harassment Act} The Crown Prosecutor portrayed the witness for the crown as of good characters. When exposed for lying to the court and complicity in perjury and following a letter from former Lord Chief Justice to all police forces changing his directives and suggesting to former Ass/Chief Constable John Bligh to start arresting individuals involved, Bligh retired that week.
Collusion between * defence barristers, (* the lawyers moonlight for 30 pieces of silver as crown prosecutors) a magistrate and others quickly moved into action to ensure the court system was not brought into disrepute. Thus leaving the innocent party a victim of injustice.


Is it time to outlaw crown prosecutors acting as highly paid defence lawyers; paid for by tax payers. The cost to the tax payer is too high. The cost to justice is too high. These lawyers welcome miscarriages of justice and its many appeals. It is money for old rope. It is so easy for barristers, often from the same office (Chambers) to play the tough advocate and the other to play the easy advocate to influence the jury. The status quo is no longer tenable. Remember, barristers (QCs) proceed to become judges. If corrupt as barristers are they still corrupt as judges. The odds are, yes.

The problem could be solved without removing the self-employed status of barristers (QCs). Some chambers should designated defence chambers only employing defence barristers. Other chambers could be designated prosecution chambers. It would put clear blue water between those who act as defence lawyers and those who prosecute for the state. Currently, young barristers with large debts and living the high life need Briefs from the local crown prosecution service. When defending to upset their other Boss, the local CPS, might reduce the work put their way. It is a conflict of interest of monumental magnitude that would not be tolerated in any other walk of life and is practiced in England and Wales.

The whinging by the Bar Council, (itself mostly corrupt) that it gives barristers a wide experience of the justice system is balderdash. It is about money. It gives them two bites of the same cherry.

THE BAR: Should dealing with complaints against their members be removed from this over inflated self-regulated private members club and as recommended by Sir David Clementi be placed under the auspices of an independent committee accountable to the general public?

To anyone in the dock, guilty or innocent, is your defence lawyer a crown prosecutor and prosecuting the previous week in the same court against his buddy from his office? If so, be careful what you tell him or her. Over dinner or champagne party they will discuss your case and decide if you are guilty or not.

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