Original - Solicitors from Hell .com Est. Feb 2003

'Client Care Agreement'

Does it have any validity at all?

24 November 2003. From this point in time, or in fact from at least the time I asked to see Gordon Luckhurst of Thos Boyd Whyte in March 1999, solicitors' clients should be aware that the client care information that your Solicitor sends to you, such as the Client Care Agreement, that states that you have the right to see the Senior Partner responsible for your case, if for any reasons you are not satisfied with the service they give, is a sheer load of crap and definitely not enforceable by the client or worth the paper it is written on.

The point about this Client Care Agreement is it a contract? The Law Society won't say, even Zahida Manzoor won't comment and Lord Falconer, the Lord Chancellor, plays the ignorant game (making out he don't know what's going on). If it is a 'contract' then in my case the Law Society must be 'in breach of contract'?

As my experience shows the Senior Partner can refuse to see you, if you approach the Office for the Supervision of Solicitors (OSS) they will not give any assistance and if or when you make an official complaint to the OSS they will not investigate why the Senior Partner refused to see you. But what the OSS will do is conspire behind your back in using content from your 'unopened complaints file' to assist the solicitors in sacking you. The 'icing on the cake' for the Senior Partner and the solicitors is the LSO, Zahida Manzoor, makes the 'Protection Racket' dent proof.

What else? Richard Hegarty the Chair of the Compliance Board who is supposed to oversee that Solicitor' comply with the rule book will stick his fingers up at you, even when he knows by their own rules that Gordon Luckhurst of Thos Boyd Whyte Solicitors in Bexleyheath, Kent was guilty of 'Professional Misconduct'. Then again 'Dickie' is the 'Rules Enforcer' who 'Rides Shotgun' for the 'Protection Team'.
See: - Hegarty & Co Solicitors ring me at home during the evening.

Peter Williamson, The Law Society's President who knows of the situation won't bother to answer your letters.

The bottom line is if you do ask to see a Senior Partner because you are not satisfied with the service and he/she refuses to see you or even sacks you for trying to complain, the Law Society will invent a favourite of theirs called the 'Ignore Rule' (if we ignore them long enough they will go away) and as Lord Falconer the Lord Chancellor's Advocate, James Shutlar implies, 'if you don't like it, take us to the High Court', obvious 'intimidation'.

What do you do if you find you are in the situation that you are dissatisfied with the service from your solicitors and a precedent has now been created by the Law Society that gives the Senior Partner responsible for your case the right to refuse to see you? Well at present, although I'm not finished yet, we know it won't be any use trying to get help from any of the above I have mentioned. So what I would suggest is you start a web site and put your story on it. If you go about it right it won't cost very much, there is even free web space out there and even for the novice, like myself, it 'ain't hard'.

Free web space, try: - http://www.anti-mason.fanspace.com/bg.htm

If you go to web page: - http://www.bbolawsoc.org.uk/complaints.asp it will be seen by the Law Society's own rules Thos Boyd Whyte for failing to carry out their own 'in-house complaints procedures' are guilty of 'professional misconduct', so it now becomes very obvious why the 'Solicitors Protection Team' are hard at work to the extent of using intimidation to shut me up. Click here, and here, and here.

In the meantime avoid "Thos Boyd Whyte" Bexleyheath, Kent. England.


Also avoid at all costs "Hegarty & Co" with offices in Peterborough and Stamford.