'Chuckling Charlie'

Other words 'Chuckling Charlie' believes are 'derogatory' include 'immigrant' which it appears means you can 'Emigrate' to a country but when you get there you won't be an 'immigrant'. There is also the word 'Asian' that Charlie puts in the 'derogatory' Category so does that mean you cannot be a 'Asian immigrant' in the UK but you can be a 'European immigrant'.Very confusing Charlie why don't you pick up the 'phone one evening and explain it to me, Oh yes, if you want advice on 'intimidating evening tephone calls' just ask one of your friends 'Dickie the Chair' (Chair of the Law Society's Compliance Commission).

Other words include 'West Indian', 'asylum seeker', 'mixed race', 'man and wife' or did that mean 'mixed race man and wife'? Other words identified to cause offence are 'coloured', common sense', 'handicapped' and out the window goes 'mental illness' in comes 'mental health problems' which I believe politicians and members of the Law Society have a lot of.

The 'Synonyms' for the word "immigrant" is; settler, migrant, refuge, colonist, colonizer, émigré (expatriate, emigrant, exile).

The 'Synonyms' for the word "Asylum" is; refuge, haven, safe haven, sanctuary, shelter, place of safety.

The 'Synonyms' for the word "Seeker" is; hunter, huntsman which means they are 'hunting' for a better life.

If all these people who queue or illegally get in to this country are not 'immigrants, or 'asylum seekers' what the hell are they?? Come on Charlie, tell us!

Under 'Synonyms' for the word "Scrounger" is a 'nice pleasant word' "Free-Loader"! How does that sound Charlie??
'Charlie' is '54' Oh yes, a 'Fine Figure of a Man' you would say. Yeah Right!

I wonder how many people remember 'Lurch' of the 'Adams' family back in the B/W TV days. I wonder if this is how he looks today and he also had large uncontrollable boots; to similar to be anyone else you would think.