Hegarty & Co.
"Dickie the Chair"
Thomas Boyd Whyte
302 Broadway

After Dickie 'phoned me one evening in November to discuss Law Society business, which was the reason Dickie gave to Aman Virk Manager, Quality & Service Standards at the CCS why he personally rang me, you would have thought he would have, on a 'personal' bases, invited me to his 30 year 'Bash'. Never mind, it made me smile to see he has made 30 years in the legal business.

Many local business people attended Hegarty & Co Solicitors drinks reception last week at Orton Hall, Peterborough, to celebrate the firm's 30th anniversary.

Dickie Try's the 'Bullying' Technique
''Dickie the Chair' leads the celebrations'

Partner Richard Hegarty established Hegarty & Co Solicitors on the day he qualified in 1974 with the help from his father, a retired executive legal clerk. Only a few months later, the Law Society changed the rules so that solicitors had to have held a practising certificate for a number of years before setting up their own firm.

They say that people always choose pets that suit their personality although in my case my 'Jack Russell's' were on occasion 'Working Dogs'. Anyone who has had a 'Jack Russell' will know they are small dogs with a big brave heart and once they put their teeth in they don't let go.

On the left is Rocky which was a name that suited him, I met Rocky when he was a year old at my sister's home and from day one he used to run up to my car jump on my lap put his paws on my steering wheel and look out the window as if he was driving, I believe it could be said that he chose me. Rocky at this time was very unpopular with the local residents and the future did not look very promising for him so one day he came home with me and started off by having a bite of my partner which didn't go down very well, but she decided after a bit of persuasion to let him stay for a 'short period'. Rocky soon learnt who fed and fettered him and then I had to watch my step, that 'short period' lasted 16 years when he was put to sleep at 17+.

After having Rocky for some two years or so I came across two starving Jack Russell bitches locked in a rabbit hutch, this time I went back home for my partner Anne, needless to say I bought them for £120 which Vet bills in the next week pushed though the roof. On the right is Katie she was clearly a Dr Jeckle and Mr Hyde character, indoors she was the most loving pet you could have and she loved to lay around my neck to sleep but when she was out which was most of the day she became a Mr Hyde. Dogs, foxes, rats it didn't matter what Katie led the other two in for the kill and by the time she was 3 or 4 when she was outside she was out of control and after lengthy discussions with the Vet it was decided to put her to sleep which was very sad.
At the back is Sophie the smallest but she stands her ground and to back off is not in her character although today she sleeps a lot only coming to life when it appears there is a chance of a 'dust-up' with another 'Mutt'. Sophie is now 16+ and beginning to slow down I had considered getting her a friend but she used to boss Rocky so I'm not sure she would tolerate an intruder. (A few years ago Sophie was sadly put to sleep at 17+)

I wonder if 'Dickie' has any pets! If he had what would they/it be, a 'Pussy Cat', I don't think so more like a 'Brace' of Rottweiler's. Click Here 'Rocky the Rottweiler' has been renamed 'Fido'.

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